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Why The Rave Run™?
Because nighttime running is so much cooler! No pun intended. But really, the weather is nicer and you get to sleep in on race day.

Is the Rave Run a rave?
The Rave Run™ will feature similar light elements that could be found at a rave and the music is mostly Electronic Dance Music that is carefully selected to be very up beat. However, the focus of a rave run is on being happy & healthy as you run into a nocturnal world of lights and enjoy the celebration afterwards. There is no tolerance for drugs at the event.

Does the race benefit a charity?
Yes, our charities differ from city to city, but we like to work with local charities. If a charity is not listed under your city, feel free to make a suggestion.

What do I get with registration?
There will be an amazing light show and each participant will receive a high quality fashion-cut t-shirt, LED bracelet and glow glasses. Want to make sure the shirt fits? Click here for a sizing chart!

Should I bring LED lights and other glow items?
Yes, you are more than welcome to let your creativity burst and wear additional lights and glow stuff. We want to see you decked out!


Is this a timed event?
Nope, this is not a “race” or a competition. The focus here is for you to have a great time with family and friends and experience an unforgettable night with lights!

Is this a 5K course?
This distance of each race varies slightly from venue to venue. Although we try to keep as close to 3.1 miles, the length of the course varies from 2.5 miles to 3.1 miles. Remember, this is an untimed fun run! All you need to worry about is having a great time!

What is the lighting like?
We’ll have the Start and Post-Race Celebration fully decorated for you guys to party. Along the course, 5-7  light stations including our LED tunnel will decorate the night! Each venue set up is different to ensure a new experience each and every time. Remember, Rave Runners are part of the lighting, so get creative, get wacky and help us light up the night!

Will the course be fully lit?
This is indeed a night race. Although we do have some portions of the course lit with decorative lighting, there will inevitably be some dark areas. If you’d like to bring a headlamp or flashlight to help you see what’s ahead, please feel free to do so. We’ll make our best effort to light any uneven surfaces along the course.

What happens after the race?
You text/Facebook/Tweet to all your friends that you just finished The Rave Run! Then, you mozy on over to the raddest after-party filled with lights, music and fun! Keep an eye out for event-specific emails for info on costume contests, hashtags to upload photos with and more!

Can I bring my dog?
We highly recommend you leave your pets at home for their safety. It’s dark, and we’d hate to see someone step on your pups and cats!

Are kids allowed at this event?
Yes. All kids 7 or under can run FREE of charge and do not need to register. The best part is that we even have a “FAMILY” starting area! You can run with your family without the fear of getting tripped up or in anybody’s way!

Can I walk?
Absolutely, you are welcome to run or walk the entire race. As a walker, please be sure to line up according to your pace at the start line. Additionally, please keep to the right of the course to avoid any joggers or runners! We want you to feel comfortable and have fun!

Are strollers allowed?
Strollers are welcome as long as they are decorated with lights. Why lights? Well.. first and foremost, it will look AWESOME. Secondly, it really helps other runners identify your stroller, so they do not bump into or trip over it. Safety first folks! Strollers are required to start at the designated “STROLLER” starting area and keep to the right of the course throughout the run.

Can my (friend/mother/spouse) come spectate?
Spectators are welcome to come cheer you on!


My friends decided they want to run! Can they register in person on race day?
Yes! Your friends can go to race day registration if the event is not sold out. Please encourage them to bring cash. Since we order all of our swag well in advance, they will not be able to pick up an event shirt that day.

I have a problem with my Groupon?
Remember that purchasing a Groupon does not equate to registering for the race. All Groupon codes must then be redeemed via our event registration. For Groupon, please register one person at a time or else the Groupon codes will be voided.
Also, if your Groupon does not work the first time you input it and you have only entered one, wait a few days and try it again. The system might need some time to update.

I know that registering as a team of 4 or more will save us $5 off registration, but does that mean that each participant saves $5?
Yes! Each participant joining your team will receive $5 off their registration. Even those who join the team at a later time. :-)

Can I pick up a friend’s packet?(or vice-versa)
Yes, a friend can pick it up for you, but they will need one of these two things.

1. A copy of the confirmation email. (Preferable)

2. A copy of the registrant’s ID.
*Race packets and materials must be picked up on-site. They will not be shipped to participants.

What if I have another question that’s not answered here?
Then you need to stop worrying and just be ready to have a good time! Or you can also e-mail us at: info@theraverun.com.


Do you do refunds?
Unfortunately, we can’t issue refunds. However, if you can’t make it to the race, you can still pick up your Rave Run gear and goodies at packet pick-up. Or alternatively you can transfer your registration to someone else. (See next question.)

How do I transfer my registration to someone else?
Go to myevents.active.com and login to your account. Choose the option “Transfer registration to another athlete” and then enter the email address of the person you are transferring it to. Or click on the link in your registration confirmation email that says “transfer to someone else” and it will prompt you to put the email address in for the person you are transferring it to. Once they claim their registration, it will refund your payment (minus the active.com processing fee) and ask the person receiving the transfer to pay the CURRENT price of the registration. Transferring will be available up until a week before the race.